Canvas shoes are not only trendy but also comfortable. There’s so much to love when it comes to canvas sneakers! At Butterfly Feet we are obsessed with this material!

These casual shoes from are an essential for any shoe lover. Plus, they come in so many different styles that you’re bound to find your perfect fit.

What are Canvas Shoes Made of?

Canvas shoes are made from a canvas material. Canvas is a common material used to make shoes because it’s heavy-duty. The soles are usually made from leather, fibre or rubber.

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric usually made from cotton, but it can also be made using linen. Since canvas is a durable and sturdy material, it’s ideal for protecting your feet.

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Reasons You Need a Pair of Canvas Shoes

If you don’t already own a pair of canvas shoes, you should definitely invest in a pair or two. Browse our shoe collection and find your perfect pair.

1.   Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

The flat rubber sole of most canvas sneakers makes them comfortable. They’re great if you’re going to be on your feet for long periods or if you need to walk a lot.

Canvas shoes aren’t limited to a flat sole. Fashion trends have led to the rise of platform canvas sneakers or even heels made from canvas material.

These shoes are also less likely to give you blisters when you wear them in.

2.   So Many Colours

You can find canvas shoes in many different colours. The canvas material can be dyed with ease, so you won’t have trouble finding a pair of canvas sneakers to match your outfit.

You can also get sneakers with patterns, print or in combination with another material. Our favourite pattern fashion trend is floral sneakers.

3.   Lightweight

Canvas shoes aren’t made of heavy material. This makes them really lightweight. Because of this, you can easily wear them for long periods.

4.   Easy to Clean

Cleaning canvas shoes is simple. You may need to put a little more effort into scrubbing the soles, but you can throw most canvas shoes in the washing machine. Then you’ll just need to wait for them to dry.

5.   Versatility

Canvas shoes are the perfect casual shoes. You can pair them with a dress, shorts, jeans, or even a skirt. Since they can be found in various colours, you can match your shoes perfectly to your outfit.

If you get a pair of black or white converse, you’ll be able to pair them with multiple looks. They make a great alternative to office heels.

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Canvas shoes are also ideal for multiple occasions. They can be worn around the house, to family dinners, to the shops or even out to dinner.

Canvas shoes can also be worn with or without socks. But if you choose to wear your shoes without socks, they’ll likely start to smell. But it’s not impossible to get rid of smelly shoes if you don’t want to pair your shoes with socks.

6.   Affordable

If you’re looking for budget-friendly footwear, canvas shoes are the way to go. You can find plenty of cheap canvas shoes online or in stores. But if you want shoes that’ll last you a while, it’s better to pay slightly more for a pair of canvas shoes.

7.   Low Maintenance

Canvas shoes don’t need to be polished or stored a certain way. Compared to leather shoes, a pair of canvas sneakers requires almost no effort. You’ll only need to clean them when the shoes get smelly or dirty.

A good pair of canvas shoes should last you a while if you take care of them.

8.   Something for Everyone

Canvas shoes come in plenty of different shapes, styles and designs. So no matter what your style, there’s a canvas shoe out there to match your look.

Canvas shoes are made for men, women and children in various shoe sizes.

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Where to Find Canvas Shoes South Africa

You can find canvas shoes in loads of places around the country. Just browse our Butterfly Feet stores and pick the one nearest to you. Or shop online with us right here.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a brand new pair of canvas shoes!

What are your favourite things about canvas shoes? Tell us in the comments below.